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Poker Against Plastic Pollution

We are an environmental campaign that supplies biodegradable poker chip bags for the use in live poker events. 

We promote our clients live events on our dedicated social networks.

We drive environmental awareness to the players and their followers on social media.

We also plant trees when we supply bags to our clients. 


So far, our products are being used across Europe, Asia and North America.

Our campaign helps poker operators and casinos achieve corporate social responsibility and helps drive environmental awareness amongst poker players and their digitally connected.

Thanks to the support of our clients we have supplied enough biodegradable bags so far to plant more than 1000 trees and remove over 1000kg's of traditional plastics.
See our orchard so far:

Our clients and events where our bags have been used.
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The only solution provider of its kind to provide marketing of our clients products and environmental responsibility!

Designs Based On Your Feedback

Simplifying processes for organisers and player's.

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Exceptional Quality

Perfect size, can hold up to 7kg's and over 200 chips

Handle allows ease of carrying and less chance of dropping bags during storage

White matt text box for writing players information 

Our branding on the bag helps drive environmental awareness with the players

White text box for organisers to record player's seating position

Ecosec security print on closure panel detects tampering 



Generic bags that have the Poker Against Plastic Pollution branding. 

gen bag 1_edited.jpg

Product Specifications (handle):

Size in mm: 390mm x 290mm 

Opening: on the 290mm side

Glue: Permanent hot melt 

Thickness of the poly: 65mu
Weight per bag: Approx  15 grams +/-
Environmental impact: These bags are 100% Oxo-Biodegradable

£450 per 1/k

Discounts available on bulk orders.

This service requires a minimum order of 10,000 bags. 

Fully customised bags with your logo and our Poker Against Plastic Pollution branding.

Bags are available in biodegradable and 100% recycled plastic options. We can supply bags with or without handles. 

Custom printed bags also have an additional cost of the printing plate. Printing plate cost will depend on number of colours in the logo. Printing on front and rear available.


Contact us now for your requirements. 

Irish Open bag_edited.jpg


Product Specifications (handle):

Size in mm: 390mm x 290mm

Opening: on the 290mm side

Glue: Permanent hot melt 

Thickness of the poly: 65mu
Weight per bag: Approx  15 grams +/-
Environmental impact:

These bags are 100% Oxo-Biodegradable

Upgrade to smart secure.

Brand your own QR

Turn your bag into an interactive experience with a custom, dynamic QR code. Transport players to your site or social platforms to learn more about your brand or product, all in one easy scan.

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Please note: Prices are subject to VAT. Purchases for shipping outside of the U.K may not be charged VAT at checkout but you may be charged VAT by your country when receiving the goods. Some countries will also charge import duty. If you would like an approximate guide to these charges before purchasing please contact us by email:


Grosvenor Casinos

We're very happy to be apart of the Poker Against Plastic Pollution movement in partnership with EcoSec. Their chip bags are an excellent product as they offer great security, are customisable and most importantly helped us reduce the amount of single use plastic waste which was previously created by our old poker chip bags. The team at EcoSec continue to offer great service and bring new ideas forward - it's a pleasure working with them.

Luke Hobbs

Poker Marketing Manager 


Fivebet, producer of Festival Poker across Europe, is proud and committed to working with Ecosec. 

Our market was lacking companies that cared about issues such as the environment. 

We were using a lot of plastic bags for our Festivals. Since our collaboration with Ecosec we have considerably reduced the impact on pollution with their biodegradable bags. 

What's more, they've been able to adapt their products to our needs by proposing more effective and better adapted solutions, such as built-in handles or customized bags. 

A pleasure to work with Ecosec, and a story with no end in sight. 

Benjamin Camps

CEO & Co-Founder

Casino Malta

As the leading casino destination in Malta, committed to excellence in every aspect of our operations, including sustainability, we at Casino Malta, home of the sought after poker tournament, Battle of Malta, are delighted to share our experience with EcoSec's tamper-proof bags.

These bags are not only robust and reliable but also eco-friendly, made from recycled materials and designed for recyclability at the end of their lifecycle. This sustainability-focused approach resonates deeply with our values and allows us to enhance security while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Partnering with EcoSec not only enhances our security protocols but also contributes to our broader sustainability goals, creating a win-win scenario for both our operations and the planet.

We have found EcoSec's tamper-proof bags to be an indispensable asset in our day-to-day operations. Not only do they provide robust security, but they also offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are making responsible choices for our environment. By choosing EcoSec, we're not just investing in security; we're investing in a sustainable future for our industry and our planet.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly endorse EcoSec's tamper-proof bags to any organization seeking uncompromising security solutions with a commitment to environmental responsibility. With EcoSec, you can enhance security while staying true to your sustainability values.

Diane Fenech

VIP and Events Manager

Casino Malta / Battle of Malta

Casinos Austria

We at Casinos Austria are also doing everything we can to work sustainably and do everything we can to combat climate change. The poker team therefore found the opportunity to work together with Ecosec and thus make a small contribution to climate protection. Every tree planted can help and beside this effect the product of Ecosec is highest quality and you can customize the product, which is important nowadays to put your brand in the right position.

Thomas Lamatsch

Head of Poker & Tournaments

Irish Poker Open

As Ireland's largest Poker Festival Operator, it is important to us to ensure that we are doing all we can to protect the environment. When we were introduced to the Poker Against Plastic Pollution Campaign it was a partnership that meant something to us and we welcomed it with open arms. 

We have managed to remove over 75kg of plastic during our yearly event, which is fantastic. We also now have trees planted on behalf of the Irish Poker Open in Ethiopia which is a really cool concept! The service we have received has been fantastic with excellent communication and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Poker Against Plastic Pollution Campaign. 

JP McCaan


Dublin Poker Festival

Thank you for introducing this product to the market, I feel that the "Poker Against Plastic Pollution Campaign" is fantastic and makes us poker organisers and players all aware that even the minor change of having a biodegradable end of day poker chip bag can help to make a difference to the environment.

Keep up the good work and rest assured we will be supporting you into the future.

Brian Lannon


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