'Poker Against Plastic Pollution'

An initiative that will help replace thousands of kilos of conventional plastic bags which are used in poker tournaments.

The majority of bags used for bagging chips are either too big, too small or too heavy and use excess energy, water and raw materials, a combination that isn't good for the environment! 

For every thousand bags purchased from us, you will reduce approximately 13kg's of conventional plastics from circulation and replace them with biodegradable bags. We will also donate money to an environmental charity and plant one tree on your behalf as a thank you.

Our bags are perfect in size and weight and we only use enough adhesive to ensure the bags are secure once sealed. 

This initiative has four fundamental principles:

  • reduce plastic pollution

  • reduce energy within manufacturing

  • drive environmental awareness

  • planting trees 

Additional benefits of joining our initiative:

  • Branding on our website

  • Mentions on our social media channels

  • Certificate every year stating total number of trees planted (1 thousand bags = 1 tree)

How does it work?


Place an order from our options below choosing the 'Poker Against Plastic Pollution' bag options. There are options for generic bags and bags which can be customised whereby we add your logo to the sticker. If you buy the customised bags (minimum purchase 100 bags) we will contact you by email and guide you through the steps of submitting your logo. The bags come with the stickers on separate sheets and are 100mm x 140mm in size. Simply add the stickers to the bags as and when you need them. 

Product Specifications:

Size in mm: 250 x 350 + Lip +/- tolerance

Size in inches: 10 x 14 + Lip +/- tolerance

Opening: on the 250mm side

Glue: Permanent Hot Melt x 1 Strip on the lip

Thickness of the Poly: 70mu/70microns/280 gauge
Weight Per Bag: Approx  13 grams +/-
Environmental Impact: These bags are 100% Oxo-Biodegradable

Click here to see a sample sticker!


If you would like a biodegradable bag with customised printing on the bag, please contact us by email: info@ecosec.co.uk 

This service requires a minimum order of 10,000 bags. Delivery time approximately 12 weeks. 

Delivery: Approximately 10 days.

Please note: Prices are subject to VAT. Purchases for shipping out of the U.K may not be charged VAT at checkout but you may be charged VAT by your country when receiving the goods. Some countries will also charge an import duty. If you would like an approximate guide to these charges before purchasing please contact us by email: info@ecosec.co.uk