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Safe Delivery Bag

Protecting organisations and the public during these uncertain times, we have designed a versatile cost effective tamper evident bag that can be used for storage, deliveries, quarantining and more.  

Multi purpose secure seal bags.

At Ecosec, we are proud to offer our exclusive Safe Delivery Bag to guarantee secure transportation of your products. Our advanced design ensures that tampering, theft, contamination, and privacy concerns are all prevented, while catering to a variety of sectors. Shop now and get the peace of mind you deserve.

The external dimensions are 380 mm x 400 mm, plus a 60 mm bottom gusset and a 60 mm handle. 

Bags have unique serial numbers to help identify deliveries. 

Safe Delivery Bag must be torn or cut in order to be opened after it has been sealed. It is impossible to reseal the bag using the glue strip. 

Food Containers
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