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Our Clients

We are pleased to be working with the following poker operators and casinos. Each one of them is responsible for helping to protect the environment by removing conventional plastics from their processes and replacing them with biodegradable alternatives that do not cause harm to our planet and wildlife.

By using our biodegradable bags, they are helping to repair deforestation and helping to support wildlife in its natural habitat. 



Dusk Till Dawn is the biggest and most popular casino and poker room in the United Kingdom, and is affectionately known as "The Home of British Poker." Dusk Till Dawn, often abbreviated to DTD, opened in 2007 and has since grown into one of the best poker rooms globally.

The story goes that Rob Yong and Nick Whiten wanted to play a poker tournament in Nottingham, United Kingdom, but arrived late and were not allowed to play. The pair headed off into the night and decided to create their own poker room. Much battling later, and Dusk Till Dawn was born.

Foe more information on upcoming poker events, click on the link below.

Tree 4

100 trees planted

gen bag 1_edited.jpg

125kg of conventional plastic removed.

Casinos Austria

In addition to the daily cash game offers, there are always a variety of poker tournaments taking place in Austrian casinos: from 3-4-day Pokermania events in many casinos, the poker festivals in Salzburg to the traditional CAPT tournaments in Seefeld, Salzburg, Velden, Bregenz, Innsbruck, Linz, Baden and the Poker EM (European Poker Championship), the top international poker event at Lake Wörthersee.

For more information on upcoming events click on the link.

Tree 4

100 Trees Planted


125kg of conventional plastic removed.

Irish Open

IPF Entertainment is owned by Paul O’Reilly and JP McCann, who both have a long association with the Irish Poker Open. Between them there is over 40 year’s experience in organising and directing poker tournaments around Europe and the world.

Their vision is to make the Irish Poker Open the premier festival in Europe and one that caters for every buy-in range for players. 

The Irish Poker Open is the longest-running No Limit Hold’em tournament outside of Vegas and the oldest in Europe with a history going back more than 42 years. The Irish Poker Open is considered an absolute must on the international poker calendar.

For more information visit:


50 Trees Planted so far!
& 75kg of traditional plastic removed from circulation!

Action Poker Tour

A Poker Tour designed to offer true value to players of all skill levels. APT will have the best tournament structures, the lowest registration fee & the lowest cash game rake of any Tour around.

Based in Ireland, APT is all about bringing great events to cities across Ireland in 2023 and beyond. This tour will have a social aspect to reach new players and bring a unique energy and excitement to Poker in Ireland. 


10 Trees Planted so far!
& 15kg of traditional plastic removed from circulation!

888poker logo.jpg

100 Trees Planted so far!
125kg of conventional plastic removed from circulation!

888poker, our first client and their commitment has brought us to the attention of many more poker operators who have committed to use our bags for future events. For more information about 888poker and their live events please visit

Grosvenor Poker

We are proud to announce that Grosvenor Casino's who are the U.K's biggest poker operator and organiser of Goliath, the biggest poker event in Europe are participating in our initiative.

They will remove approximately 250 kg's of harmful plastics every year and will contribute to planting 200 trees in doing so. 

For more information on their live events please visit:


200 Trees Planted so far!
& 250kg of conventional plastic removed from circulation!


Fichier 11.png

20 Trees Planted so far!
& 25kg of traditional plastic removed from circulation!

Fivebet are a French poker operator and their new schedule of events which are being held at iconic venues look like they will be a roaring success. Watch out for these guys, we see many good things ahead for them. 

Inspired by the world's greatest circuits, Fivebet's mission is to offer the best possible experience in the world of live poker.

For more information on their live events please visit:

Irish Poker Tour & Championship 

The Irish Poker Tour prides themselves on timely, well organised, relaxed, and player friendly tournaments. Through tried and tested approaches and a passionate team, they have the formula to make the Irish Poker Tour a truly memorable experience for you. For more information on their upcoming live events, please visit: 

irish poker championship.jpeg

30 Trees Planted so far!
& 42kg of conventional plastic removed from circulation!


20 Trees Planted so far!
& 25kg of traditional plastic removed from circulation!

Dublin Poker Festival

Dublin Poker Festival was created in 2015 to merge ACOP (Amateur Championship Of Poker) and the European Deepstack Poker Championship with the intention of giving players a chance to take part in a poker festival spanning two weekends in Dublin City. It has since added the Irish Senior Poker Championship to the festival and this has now become the recognised and largest senior event in the country.

Please visit: for more information.

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