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Let's eliminate millions of tonnes of plastic stretch wrap from warehouses and supply chains by using reusable pallet wrap. Option to customise with your logo. 


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Reduce Plastic


Save On waste Management Costs

Quicker Application Time

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Reduces Hazards Of Injuries From Manual Wrapping

At ECOSEC we are committed to reducing single-use plastics.


Our latest initiative aims to eliminate tonnes of plastic pallet wrap from the environment. This campaign will help organisations save money, time, and reduce waste recycling.


The global market for palletisation films demonstrated a moderate average growth rate of 2.9% over the 5 years from 2018 to 2023, reaching 7.2 million tonnes. Despite the maturity of established countries, the demand for stretch and shrink film is growing worldwide.

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Reusable pallet wrap can replace pallet wrap film for internal warehouse storage, as shown in the images


It can also be used to for pallets for the movement of goods thanks to its high tensile strength.

  • Eliminates unnecessary waste and disposal costs

  • Stabilise your loads using the eco-friendly Pallet Wrap system

  • Sterilise without removing your Wrap

  • Ventilated to reduce spoilage

  • Protect your finished product

  • Reduce your carbon footprint through greater sustainability

  • Minimize staff back injuries from manual wrapping

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Product Campaign


Wrap Removal Action Program

The product will feature our campaign's branding, raising awareness among other organizations within the supply chain and hopefully encouraging them to adopt this solution in their warehouse operations.

Use Scenarios

Internal movement

Don't wrap a pallet you're going to unwrap yourself. Go reusable for your pick-and-pack operations, any time a load is double-handled, or moving pallets on-site.

Inter-warehouse transfer

For moving pallets between warehouses, especially from production to storage. This can contribute a significant portion of your plastic waste, and there are almost always empty vehicles going in the opposite direction for wrap returns.

Last-mile logistics

Hand unload units of stock across multiple delivery destinations and return the wrap at the end of the day.


Returnable routes

For regular delivery routes, ask if recipients are willing to set wraps aside for collection or return. Even with

inter-state returns our wraps result in lower emissions than plastic.


We believe it's crucial to share data on how new processes can enhance sustainability and environmental protection. Therefore, we request our clients to provide data on the reduction in plastic pallet wrap usage. This information will help us create vital case studies, encouraging more organizations to adopt reusable pallet wraps.

Data Analyst


Fabric: 100% Nylon, Soft Pvc

Tensile Strength: 7236 N

Tear Strength: 184.3 N

Material Thickness Nylon: 0.40 mm; Pvc: 0.50 mm (ASTM D1777)

Fabric Weight Nylon: 175 gsm; Pvc: 253 gsm

Strap Material: Nylon & PP, 35 gsm

Cold Resistance: Stable at -35 d.c. for 45 hours (NABL test)

Hook & Loop Material: 100% Nylon

Puncture Resistance: 2030 N

Threads Nylon: 20 Garnet (Colour: Black)

Reinforcement Material: UPVC (D: 3/4“, SCH 80)

Metal Buckle: Stainless Steel, Corrosion Free

Metal Buckle Specification: 2” x 1”, Weight: 40 Grams

Product Colour: White

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We've got all industries covered!

All our products are customisable.


  • Eco-friendly packaging

  • Reduces the use of stretch film and shrink wrap packaging

  • Reduces protective packaging waste management costs

  • Saves time spent wrapping and unwrapping pallets

  • Stabilize and secure your shipments

  • Easy to wrap, easy to remove

  • Better product plastic and cardboard box protection

  • One 2' Pallet Wrap will save at least 250 lbs of plastic stretch film waste PER YEAR (on average)

  • One 4' Pallet Wrap will save at least 500 lbs of plastic stretch film waste PER YEAR (on average)

  • One 6' Pallet Wrap will save at least 750 lbs of plastic stretch film waste PER YEAR (on average)


It takes an average of 3 minutes to stretch a six foot pallet. It takes an average of 1 minute to unwrap a six foot pallet. TOTAL = 4 minutes.

Assuming that a company wraps 500 pallets a day, 5 days a week, based on 260 and 312 working days a year.

An average warehouse worker makes £15.00 an hour. Dumpster "Tipping Fee" is on average £500 per month = £6,000 per year

Manual Wrapping 3:00

Manual Un-wrapping 1:00

  • Tether the stretch film to the corner pallet

  • Walk or around the pallet 8 to 12 times

  • Tuck in the tail and secure.

--------------------------------------------------Cutting with knife

  • Bundling and

  • Transferring to dumpster

Pallet Wrap Wrapping : 40s

Pallet Wrap Un-wrapping : 20s

  • Walk Wrap around the pallet

  • Secure the straps


  • Loosen straps

  • Remove Wrap

Savings =

3.00 minutes per pallet

3.00 minutes x (#of pallet) = time savings per day

Stretch Film Cost +


Assuming 6’ 40x48 pallet @ 500 per day.

Wrapped 12x = 12 x 176 inches

2,112 in….176 feet of stretch film


176’ x 500 plts = 88,000’ / 1500’ / roll

Approximately 59 rolls @ £10.00 / roll


£590/day stretch film cost

£590 x 260 working days = £153,400

£590 x 312 working days = £184,080

Labor Savings With Pallet Wrap =


Assuming 3 min savings/plt---£15.00/hr wage

£15.00/60 min= .25/min x 3min= £.75/ plt savings


£.75 x 500 pallet = £375.00/day savings

£375.00 x 260 working days= £97,500

£375.00 x 312 working days = £117,000

Total Savings

Based on 260 working days

Based on 312 working days


260 or 312 working days

£153,400+ £97,500 = £256,900

£184,080+ £117,000 = £307,080

+ Eliminate Tipping Fees £6,000 per Dumpster

Our products are available in standard sizes and also customised. Generic stock is suitable for all pallet sizes and 2', 4' and 6' options.

For customised options, contact us using the form below 

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