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Grey Eco Bags, 12 x 14, 300 x 350 + 40mm Lip Child Safety Warning - Qty 500

If you want to be sure that you are doing your part in helping the environment, then these are the bags for you.  This very popular range of grey oxo-biodegradable bags are manufactured in a 3 layer co-extruded film. The polythene film is manufactured from at least 25% post consumer waste and are also 100% Oxo-biodegradable*.

All  grey printed warning notice bags are 45mu in thickness, which is classed as lightweight-mediumweight use.  The bags come with a child safety suffocation warning notice printed on them.  The inside of the bags are black so that you cannot see through the film.  The high specification of grey film has been chosen to give the best performance to weight ratio. With a unique grade of hot melt glue used for sealing the bags, once they are sealed you will have to rip the  bags open to get at the contents.  

* The term ‘Oxo-biodegradable’ is a hybridisation of two words, oxidation and biodegradable. It clearly defines a two step process initiated by an additive called 'Reverte' to degrade the polythene film and make it available for biodegradability within the environment when a bag has finished its useful life, usually within a set time period depending on the % added.  1% would trigger in around 6-8 months.

The additive is designed specifically to address the issue of plastic waste that gets into the environment and cannot be realistically collected. It has been used in numerous PE and PP applications for many years and now.

Advice & Usage Guide

Use;  The bags will arrive folded or laid flat in an outer Carton.  Once you unpack the bags, simply slide or drop your product into the bag.  The best method for sealing the bag is to then lay it on a flat surface, lip/glue facing up.  Peel off the release tape from the lip which covers the glue and then fold the lip over onto the body of the bag.  We strongly advise that you only fold the lip over to where it naturally wants to fold to and no further.  If you fold the lip right over and seal it, lets say half way down the bag, then there is a chance that the glue will not form a perfect bond and the bags could come open.  We specially treat the  bags in the direct area where the lip folds over to as this helps with the bond formed by the glue migrating into the film.

Storage;  We recommend that  bags with Permanent Tape are stored at a temperature of 15 - 20 degrees and 50% relative Humidity.  If the ambient temperature falls to less than zero - 5 degrees then you should ensure that you have a means of warming the bags in use.  This because the very cold temperature hardens the glue and so it takes longer to form a bond with the film.


Product Specifications:

Size in mm:   300 x 350 + Lip +/- tolerance

Size in inches:  12 x 14 + Lip +/- tolerance

Opening:   on the 300mm side

Glue:   Permanent Hot Melt x 1 Strip on the lip

Thickness of the Poly:   45mu/45microns/180 gauge

Qty Per Box/Pack:   100 per pack approx, 500 per carton approx

Weight Per Bag:   Approx  9.8 grams +/-

Environmental Impact:  These bags are 100% Oxo-Biodegradable.

Grey Mailing Bag x 500

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