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Large Tamper Evident Note Wrapper Bags 180 x 270mm

1000 pieces of Tamper Evident Note Bags, Notewrappers

Designed to take:

£2500 in £5.00 notes

£5000 in £10.00 notes

£10,000 in £20.00 notes

£2500 in £50.00 notes

Size Internal 180mm x 270mm + 30mm Lip

50mu High Strength LDPE, with Security Print, Tamper Evident Closure, 1 x 7 Digit Sequential Number per bag, White write on panel for writing directly on to bag amount of currency

1000 bags per box approx in packs of 100 bags approx

Approx weight per 100 is 480grams

Large Money Note Bag x 1000