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Zero Plastic Wristbands

Annually, a multitude of industries employ wristbands to facilitate event management. However, a significant portion of these wristbands is crafted from non-recyclable plastics, contributing to millions of environmentally detrimental waste items. Our initiative aims to replace these ecologically harmful wristbands with biodegradable alternatives. We utilize Tyvek material, a paper-based product renowned for its robustness, equivalent to that of plastic and also wristbands made from fabric.

Our campaign boasts a robust social media presence, where we showcase the active participation of our clients in this eco-conscious endeavor. Furthermore, we are committed to collaborating with an environmental partner to offset the environmental impact of wristband purchases by supporting tree planting initiatives.

Our wristbands carry the Ecosec logo and are fully customisable to add your business logo and text.

We use bamboo fasteners for our fabric wristbands.

Tyvek wristbands have 19 colours

to choose from 

ecoband by ecosec for web.png

for more information, email us at

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